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We Have a Winner!

A winner has been chosen in our $5,000 dream wedding invitation hullabaloo! Stay tuned to this space in the next few days for a profile of the lucky couple!


Goin' to the Chapel

If you haven't already noticed that nifty little button on the main page of the site, here's the lowdown: We have partnered with the awesome wedding site OneWed.com to give away (that's right, FOR FREE to one lucky couple) a $5,000 dream invitation set. Click on that fancy button for more information. Already married? Heck, why not get married again?

author   Rob
link   http://www.onewed.com


The Seder House Rules


What a nifty surprise for the holiday season. We were recently notified that a few of our invitations are on the cover of The Bar-Bat Mitzvah Planner, a great guide to planning that special event by Emily Haft Bloom. Looking through the book, it's obvious that it's one of the nicest (and hippest) guides that we've seen out there. Check it out!

author   Rob
link   http://tinyurl.com/9wcurz


Head of the Class


Many congratulations to, well, us! More so to Chris-Anna and Wendy, who started Luscious Verde Cards, because last night, at a gala event in the Cleveland area, we were named on the top 10 of the Weatherhead 100.

Sponsored by the Council of Smaller Enterprises and the Case Western Reserve University School of Management, it's a yearly event and listing that honors Northeast Ohio's fastest-growing businesses. We drank wine, ate food, and Jason even wore a suit. OK, now back to the holiday grind (not that we're complaining)...

author   Rob
link   http://tinyurl.com/59r23p


Giving Back


As the holidays quickly take over our lives, we wanted to do something extra-special this year and create a holiday card to ship to our military friends to send to their families. By taking a rendition of our popular “Believe” holiday card in shades of green, we’ve created a unique background for our troops to apply a photo and a special note for their loved ones. In you have friends or family in the military you may be a lucky recipient of one of these cards! Yay! Pictured in the photo is Jim Primozic, the big brother of Kelly, one of our beloved print production specialists.

If you’re interested in spreading the holiday joy, visit www.operationlovefromhome.org for more details.

-- Megan @ L.V.

author   Megan
link   http://www.operationlovefromhome.org

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