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In 2001, Chris-Anna and Wendy, ex-hippie overachievers from the early nineties, were stay-at-home moms in the same playgroup. Their connection upon meeting was instantaneous. Heavy-duty crafting, dreams of Trader Joe's opening in Cleveland, Indian food, Beck, and a deep appreciation of the charms of Shaker Heights were just a few of the threads drawing them together. Chris was pregnant and asked Wendy to help her make her own birth announcements. Their shared aesthetic sensibilities led to the creation of our very first set of bohemian luxury cards. Chris and Wendy started assembling unique, handmade announcements and invitations on Chris's dining room table—two ambitious, crafty moms on a mission to bring something new to the stationery industry. Luscious Verde was born.

Today, there are many more of us than can fit around that table... designers, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, crafters, writers, musicians, photographers, comedians, yoga junkies, and cupcake bakers. Today, Beck has been replaced by Amos Lee, and Gino Wickman has replaced Dr. Spock, but we still love Indian food. We all love making cards and making people happy. For us, it is a delight and a privilege to work together as a team, creating the gorgeous cards you have designed using the building blocks of Luscious Verde. Most days it's really fun. Every day it's rewarding.

Chris-Anna Lazar and the entire staff of Luscious Verde

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