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New Web Site

Hey there folks. We at Luscious Verde are extremely happy to announce our new Web site, a.k.a. the thing you're looking at right now. We hope the unveiling of this site will bring about world peace, the end of fossil fuels, and a million-dollar tax rebate for every U.S. taxpayer, but we should probably just set our sights (for now) on designing and creating one-of-a-kind custom stationery.

author   Rob


Luscious Verde Featured in Stationery Trends Magazine


We are featured in the Summer (and also the premier) issue of Stationery Trends, a cool new free magazine for people in the custom stationery industry. Check out page eight.

author   Rob


Luscious Verde Featured in Totally Cool Hardcover Book


One of our invitations was featured in the book "Simple Stunning Wedding Showers," written by Karen Bussen (with photographs by William Geddes). It came out a little while back, and we're proud to be featured with such an assortment of fun and cool stuff (like Bridal Gift Bingo). It's available at pretty much any fine book retailer you can name.

author   Rob

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