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Perfectly blending the tastes of a Bat Mitzvah girl with that of her parents, the Luscious Verde line offers fashion driven colors and patterns with subtle hints of glitz and glamour. Because each set of invitations is made to your exact specifications, the possibilities are limitless. An experienced Luscious Verde retailer can assist you in choosing all of the invitation elements necessary to announce this milestone occasion with the distinction that you desire.


Clean lines and bursts of color define this Bat Mitzvah invitation. Custom shapes cut out of our brand-new glitter paper add a personal touch and a splash of glam!

Discotheque : Bright colors really pop against the black and white background! Sparkle : Glitter paper and a museum board backer create a top-notch look and feel in this suite. Kewl : Friends and family will love this Peace : Color is king!  Use lots of fun colors in your type to create a festive bat mitzvah invitation. Sugar : Candy! Candy! CANDY! Aqua, White and Purple Hibiscus : Plum-colored ink adds a unique twist to this aquamarine and white invitation. Bloom : In addition to patterns inside and out, this invitation boasts a beautiful custom-cut envelope flap. Totally : Crisp white ink stands out against bright neon paper. Arizona : Complex die cutting gives dimension and depth to the patterns featured throughout the spread. Chartreuse Dandelions : Pop Tone Flowers : An eyelet finishes the center of each 2-layer paper flower. Lily : The two-layer custom-cut flower was applied by hand to the response card. Glitter Name Die-Cut : Chevron! :

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