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HOOT Studios by Luscious Verde is truly environmental stationery. Printed on 100% PCW paper with eco-friendly inks, HOOT offers great, fashion-forward designs with a smaller footprint.

Hold on a sec. What exactly is PCW paper and what's so significant about it?

PCW stands for post-consumer waste, this means that the paper was out in the world in some other form: mail, copy paper, newspaper, or a flyer for Ray's Discount Pizza Emporium. After the paper was used, it was then broken down and made into "new" paper.

Got it. So PCW paper is like recycled paper.

It's like recycled paper, only better for the planet. Have you heard the environmental slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? PCW paper is ideal because it uses all three of those aspects. In addition, paper that is simply labeled as being "recycled" does not necessarily mean that it's environmentally friendly. All recycled means is that a paper mill has taken the waste from the beginning and end of a run and put it back into production. Most papers nowadays are composed of some level of PCW fibers, and many companies market their papers as being "environmental" when they are composed of only 20-30% PCW fibers. What's neat about us here at HOOT Studios is the fact that we use 100% PCW paper for every piece, including envelopes, and are mindful of reducing the amount of material we use in every step, from production to packaging.

And since HOOT Studios uses 100% PCW paper, it's better for the environment.

You got it. And since it's a new imprint from the insanely creative, fashion-forward minds at Luscious Verde Cards, your card is guaranteed to be as stylish as it is smart. 100% PCW paper. 100% Cool.

So where do I find out more about HOOT Studios?

Check out www.hootstudios.com for more information and fresh, new designs. Also check out www.finestationery.com, exclusive seller of all things HOOT.

Thanks dude.

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