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Redefine what it means to celebrate in style. Luscious Verde’s truly custom creations impart the significance, tone and meaning of your event. By working with Luscious Verde through one of our talented retailers, your sweet sixteen, graduation, corporate event, company holiday party, anniversary, fundraiser or spouse’s birthday bash will be announced with impact.

estimated price per 100 $810.00

Wyoming Island Centennial

Simply put, this custom nautical flag invitation is one of the most complex creations a customer has ever asked us to do. And boy, do we love the result!

Wyoming Island Centennial : Each nautical flag was printed, then custom cut, and then hand glued to this magnificent invitation. Hole Story : Rock Lobster : Going Mad : 70th Celebration : The interior card slides in and out of the custom-made Charcoal sleeve. Walk Like An Egyptian : Yes, we are fluent in hieroglyphics! Seeing Pink Elephants : Scoot On Over : Our die-cut vespa can be made in any one of our over 100 trendy or classic paper colors. 1950's inspired  : Compact Mirror :

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