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giving back

Giving back to our community, and to the communities of our retail partners, is one of our continuing goals as Luscious Verde continues to grow.

Each month we accumulate an excess amount of scrap paper from our production. And although we're militant recyclers around here, recycling all of it didn't seem right. We recognized that many people could benefit from its use, so we developed a donation system for schools and community groups in need. It's a win-win situation. They love the paper we provide them with, and we love receiving the pictures and letters they send us in thanks. And if any of this sounds appealing, please feel free to send an inquiry via e-mail in regards to receiving donations for your organization.

In addition to recycling and donation, scraps of paper are used to make unique Luscious Verde products that express our appreciation for all of our customers and retail shops. Bookmarks, buttons, sets of stationery, and paper crafting kits brighten up each UPS box.

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