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Congratulations, you’re getting married, now what do you do with that wedding invitation set?

We understand the overwhelming amount of information that will be thrown at you, as a bride, in the year prior to your wedding, but we would love to offer a little guidance on your invitation sets and getting them sent out properly to your friends and family.
The tone of your wedding is set with the first impression of your wedding stationery. You take the time to add personality and charm into your invitations which is equally as important as taking the time to properly assemble the stationery in the envelope. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind before jet-setting to the post office.

1. Take a sample to the post office with all pieces to confirm the proper postage
2. Mail out your invitations, six to eight weeks before the event, if you have a save the date, mail it out at least four months
3. When assembled, the invitation should be facing forward, so as soon as the envelope is opened the recipient will see it
4. Enclosures should be placed behind the main invitation and stacked on top of each other, writing side up. We include thin sheets of paper in-between our insert cards to prevent ink transfer. It is very important to have these sheets in place so your main invitation is not damaged.
5. Seal with a damp sponge and you are on your way!

Now, the only thing to keep in mind is that there are conditions beyond your control i.e.: heat, humidity, the postal service etc that may have potential effects on the mailing. Unfortunately, the only way to actually prevent this is to hand deliver your wedding invitations and gosh darn it, who has the time for that. So, take a deep breath, this is your moment and enjoy the experience!


-- Megan

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Bag It Up


For months, we have ogled at Chris-Anna’s Orla Kiely birthday purse and now Target is finally offering an Orla Kiely collection being introduced this month

This collection reflects her bold patterns with exquisite housewares and a few unique outfits. I would love to someday see our unique patterns out in the retail world! This transition is a groovy little reminder that any of our patterns can be used to create stamps, napkins, and we’ve even had a few wedding cakes replicated from our invitation sets. 

We love seeing photos of our patterns in work, so if you have any unique pictures of your event using Luscious Verde we would love to see them and possibly feature them on our Web site. Thanks!



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Retailer Spotlight


At work, when you talk on the phone every day to a person you’ve never met, you tend to get curious about what that person is like in real life. Well, maybe you don’t, but we here at Luscious Verde are a specific breed of character. Perhaps it’s the drinking water from the pristine Cuyahoga River. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re obsessed with Project Runway. Or, probably, it’s because we’re all a little bit weird. Not in a bad way, mind you, but it takes a specific kind of person to deal with the highs and lows of custom stationery.

And we realized, hey, we talk to people every day who we’ve never met, and who are fans of our work. But just talking to them isn’t enough. We’re curious about their trials and tribulations, their outlook on life, and their favorite alcoholic beverage. So we’ve decided to feature, every few weeks or so, a retailer of our products that we want to get to know a little better. Behold the latest entry into our illustrious Retailer Spotlight: Susie from First Impressions in Leawood, Kansas.

Name: Susie Azorsky

Born and raised: Dallas, Texas

When did you start in custom stationery?
I wanted to do something at home so I could be with my kids, and now that they're going away, I'm so happy and proud that I still do what I do.

Family: Husband Greg, children Andrew and Hannah, and dogs Charlie and Browney

Guilty pleasure: Mexican food

Favorite font:
Wiesbaden Swing

How does Luscious Verde inspire your creation? I love knowing when my customer and I get together that we can really create something special that really reflects them.

Thanks Susie!

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True Color

Congratulations to Pantone 14-0848 Mimosa as being selected as the color of the year for 2009! We knew you could do it! Mimosa is described as a warm, engaging yellow, expressing hope and reassurance. So, go ahead and get your yellow fix. You now have my permission to run out and purchase your mimosa-colored tights or just take a look at our new Hoot environmentally friendly line. Maybe stay away from the novella, The Yellow Wallpaper...


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Maps and Legends


So, direction card pricing is freaking you out, right? Having that custom-made map on the flipside of your line-by-line directions can be a bit pricey, but after some investigation, I have found a new unique application called Google Wedding Maps.

Basically, you plug in all of your information, including all of your hot spots: ceremony, reception, hotel, airport and local attractions. You e-mail the link to your guests, who can easily print it out. Maps freak me out more than the actual committing to one single person, but this is easy to use, and you don’t even have to fold it back up!

-- Megan

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