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Apples and Oranges


Straight from the Luscious Verde packing desk, I’ve noticed a flurry of our Orange Juice paper being used in everything from mitzvahs and weddings to super-cute birth announcements. Orange is definitely the hot color this season.

If you every wander into our studio here in Cleveland you’ll see our very own Wendy sporting at least some shade of orange. Today it’s her brown, orange, and yellow patterned flip flops. Oh yes, flip flops are encouraged and appropriate, at least at this workplace.

Pair our Orange Juice paper with our Breeze cardstock and your stationery will be a fashion must. So, if you want to be one of the cool kids, Orange is the way to go as an accent or base color choice for your invitation sets. But please keep in mind that an orange jumpsuit (with or without stripes) is never the way to go…

(P.S. For a picture of a cute card using Orange Juice, check out the Elliott Lawrence card in our Baby Boy section.)

-- Megan @ L.V.

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The View From Joe


Rob asked me to write a few lines for our blog. After a long pause, I agreed.  You must understand that it is rare I am asked to write.  I just recently learned the correct spelling of Wednesday as I look at my calendar for a quick reference.


The beauty of our company is that even someone grammatically challenged like myself can be successful within a literary/style-oriented company.  Speaking of style, I am also am known to wear white socks with dress pants. I have been told I fit in like a round peg in square hole. However, that is precisely why I do fit in. Our company is different, just like our people. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.)


My role in the company is simple: I ensure efficiency, make sure we produce the best product we can, and get the product to the customer a day before they even know they want it.  There are some other minor details like equipment, IT, HR, safety, policy writing /enforcement, process improvement, building maintenance, yadda, yadda, yadda. Easy.


When I came to Luscious Verde (after two interviews, one lunch and a two hour on-site meeting totaling almost nine interview hours), I knew I found one of the most creative and intelligent groups of people in my career.  I almost ran screaming like a schoolgirl.

Ultimately, I believe LVC has improved since I joined, because I know I am better for being here.


My final point of view:


“If you cannot be a great example, at least be a horrible warning.”


-- Joe @ L.V.

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Paper Planes


In addition to being incredibly attractive and bright people, we're also very, very kind. (Ahem.)

That said, if you're a member of a school or non-profit organization, please let us know, and a bounty of scrap paper direct from the Luscious Verde Goodness Plant could be yours. We've given to many area schools (and even some non-area schools) over the years and would love to continue giving.

Please e-mail info@lusciousverde.com for more information. (The picture is from Camp Nageda in Phoenix, Arizona.)

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Bottoms Up

Congrats to our hometown of Cleveland for being ranked (in a three-way tie) on the top-ten list of America's Hardest-Drinking Cities. We like to think that we here at Luscious Verde contributed just a bit to this great honor, and hope to continue all of our hard work as we look toward the future. (Above picture stolen from the Great Lakes Brewing Company site.)

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