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Hot Card of the Day (Winter, Please Die Edition)

Today's hot card is a feast for the eyes and one of the cutest cards that's left the building this week. It comes from Folio in Larkspur, California, and was a custom daisy design suggested by the customer and designed by Jason, the head designer here at Luscious Verde. (He's out of town today, so the rest of us who sit around him are rummaging through his office looking for Oatmeal Cream Pies and sitting on his sofa.)

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Stamp Act

Take your invitation sets one step further with customizable stamps. We recently saw this cute stamp adorned with the face of a certain custom-stationer-owner's newborn. He definitely looks like a future president. You can get customizable stamps at Stamps.com, Zazzle.com, or wherever your heart desires.

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Bee Season

Thanks to graphic designer Channa for letting us take a picture of her in her Purim costume on Friday. Apparently her husband and two children were also dressed as such, making the perfect bee family, but, alas, we don't have any photographic evidence of that.

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Sometimes (on her lunch break, of course), Megan, our stellar pricing person, draws some interesting doodles. These pandas have been multiplying over the past week or so, and I really wanted to show them to you, our loyal blog audience, to give an example of our crazy-craftiness. (A new liner pattern? Perhaps!) -- Rob @ L.V.

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Fontly Yours

We just came across this interesting list on Typographica, a pretty cool blog about, yes, fonts. Sometimes it feels like we're in a little design oasis, but it's nice to know that other people obsess about the same things that we do. We don't offer some of these fonts, but 1) we have a lot of similar ones, and 2) we can always obtain specific fonts for customers if they'd like them. Congratulations to all of the chosen ones.

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